Giving Back to the Island

When you stay at Sea Dreams Hotel, you are part of the Dream…

…to establish the island’s first high school and

…to empower young people with job skills in the fly fishing industry.

Owner Heidi Curry Co-Founded Caye Caulker’s Ocean Academy High School

Heidi Curry, together with Joni Miller and Dane Dingerson, founded the island’s first high school. Prior to the opening of Ocean Academy in 2008, the island’s only school stopped at seventh grade. Today, the school has grown to six teachers, a Principal, and fifty-eight students. Now, Caye Caulker’s high school attendance rate is above 90% compared to the national average of 40%. Heidi serves as the school’s Managing Director.

The Sea Dreams scholarship fund pays school fees for students who would not otherwise attend high school (school is not free in Belize). Consider joining guests who want to leave more than footprints behind, and contribute to the scholarship fund or bring down needed school supplies. Learn more at or make a donation at .

Owner Haywood Curry Teaches Fly-Fishing

Haywood Curry teaches fly fishing as a Physical Education elective at Ocean Academy. His class provides students with exposure to one of the best career options on the caye. See photos and learn more about the class on their facebook page: Ocean Academy Fly Fishing Class and Club. The club is always in need of equipment and fly tying materials.