Scuba Diving

Belize is one of the world’s premier scuba diving destinations, with its warm water, incredible visibility (150 feet is average), and countless variety of fish and corals which live within the barrier reef that runs along the entire coast of the country, and the outer atolls such as Turneffe and Lighthouse Reef (where the famous Blue Hole is located).  Diving opens up a vast world that is not accessible by the snorkeler and is an exhilarating, meditative experience that is literally out of this world.  Heidi is a dive instructor and will happily provide any information about scuba diving in the area or the process of learning to dive (available in one-day introductory experiences or four-day full certifications). Prices for scuba diving vary from $99USD for a two-dive trip to the local reef to $230USD for a three-dive trip to the Blue Hole, and instruction ranges from $100 for a one-day, two-dive introduction to $535USD for a three-day, four-dive certification.