What better way to enjoy the warm, Caribbean waters than with a mask and snorkel, peering down at the life that teems below (we like to remind ourselves that we’re bathing in a body of water that covers 70% of our globe).  The best snorkeling spot on the island (if going on your own) is at the fallen wall at the “split.”  You’ll find various fish such as puffer fish, needle fish, small tangs, and pseudochromis, and if you’re lucky, a moray eel, a lobster, or a nurse shark. To see coral heads and a much larger variety of fish, you’ll need to go with a guide to the reef.

A great snorkeling trip to take is to Hol Chan Marine Park where the reef is protected from fishing and marine life is plentiful.  You’ll see plenty of hard and soft corals in relatively shallow water (usually 5-20 feet), a variety of reef fish; harmless nurse sharks; often moray eels; and occasionally, spotted eagle rays.  You’ll make three stops which include Hol Chan Park, Coral Gardens and Shark and Ray alley, where you’ll snorkel with dozens of nurse sharks (remember, they are harmless) and huge southern sting rays.  Both of these animals are absolutely beautiful to watch in the water. The trip includes all snorkel gear, a licensed tour guide, entrance fees, a lunch, fruits, and water.  Choose between going by speed boat or sailboat.  Sailing departs at 10:00AM and returns at 4:30PM; the speed boat departs at 10:30AM and returns at 4PM.  Price: $70US/ person for sailing; $65US/per person for the speedboat.

*Local, half-day snorkeling trips are also available.